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Ultima Online

free Ultima Online shard, бесплатный сервер Ультимы Онлайн

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We are the greatest players around. We have true insta-hit PVP, Custom Dungeons, Lots of Non OSI material implemented, We have great staff team. We challenge you to see what we are about and you will se that it is truly the best. Felucca Only

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Multi-Network, UO:R OSI clones(Siege & Regular) Based on the game play of 2000'. Sosaria Online is the most accurate emulation of the UO expansions online today, 7 years of development. Professional Staff. PvP/RP/PvM Friendly.

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Legends of Kesmai and Ultima Online Servers- Great Community join Us Now..

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Second Age is the most accurate emulation of the T2A era online today. A Perfect balance of PvM, PvP and RP. We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a Shard with Players and Staff unmatched in their dedication to the T2A era.

UO Secondage - Ultima Online Free Shard Stats Category: Ultima Online play from 25,000. Browse from our categories: Action / Adventure Arcade Shooting Strategy Puzzle Sports Driving Fighting Retro Casino Misc. Dress Up.

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Ultima Online gold at Dragongrove. We are a USA owned and operated website. MMORPG Gold and Currencies for your favorite games

Stats Category: Ultima Online